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Adoption Lawyer in Arkansas
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Adoption Cases

Adding a new member to your family is a time of great excitement and a time of great change.  It’s important to understand the ramifications of such a massive decision and to have an experienced lawyer available to ensure that you can navigate the complex legal workings surrounding adoption and make sure that your adoption process goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.  If you are considering adoption, review the information below for the requirements and other considerations for the state of Arkansas, then schedule a FREE consultation with Stuart Cearley today.

Requirements to Adopt in Arkansas

Before you adopt, you must first complete an adoption home study.  A home study is conducted by a licensed social worker and is essentially an overview of the adoptive family’s life, including a collection of documentation and an in-home visit. Required documentation will include background checks, health statements, financial information, references, and autobiographical statements.  The in-home visit will consist of an inspection of the home as well as an interview regarding motivations and knowledge about the adoption.  

Outside of the required home study prior to the adoption, Arkansas laws may vary depending on the type of adoption being carried out, basic laws include no legal age limit to adopt, no legal gender restrictions, no requirement to homeownership, and no legal restrictions to LGBT adoptions.  If you have a criminal record, you may still be eligible to adopt in the state of Arkansas, a social worker will have to review the felony and determine whether or not you are eligible on a case-by-case basis. 

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Arkansas Laws on Birth Parent Consent

Consent to adoption can be given any time after the baby is born, consent must be given to and documented by a licensed professional or in an Arkansas Court.  The signature must be made in the presence of a judge, a notary public, or an authorized representative of the Arkansas-licensed adoption agency that is taking custody.  The Arkansas adoption revocation period allows birth mothers to withdraw their consent within 10 days, reinstating parental rights becomes very difficult if the revocation period has passed.  Those who may be required to provide consent include the prospective birth mother and, in some cases, the birth father, any person who has legal custody, or the court jurisdiction over the child if a parent does not have the legal rights. 


One thing to note: birth mothers are not allowed to be paid to give up a child for adoption, this is illegal and can lead to serious penalties. 

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