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Child Support Lawyer in Arkansas
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Child Support Lawyer

Child support as a legality was established to do exactly that -  to provide support for children in difficult family scenarios - and there are many considerations when determining the proper level of monetary support one parent must provide to the other for their child.  Some considerations for the state of Arkansas, but these cases are very complicated and require experienced and nuanced legal advice.  Schedule a FREE consultation with Stuart Cearley today to discuss the details of your child support case.

Child Support Attorney in Bentonville, AR

Arkansas is one of few states that uses the “percentage of income” as the method for calculating child support payments.  This formula directly accounts for parents who share custody of a child and payments are connected to the split of custody, any additional contributions accounted under Arkansas’ child support law may include child costs and any extraordinary medical costs.


In Arkansas, child support can be arranged outside of the court by mutual agreement between the parents or it can be decided in Arkansas family court through a child support order.  There are several factors being taken into consideration when deciding the amount of child support to be paid.  In Arkansas, the “percentage of income” method is used when calculating the amount to be paid by the non-custodial parent. This means that when calculating the child support, a simple percentage, set by court order, will be used to decide how much will be paid to the custodial parent every month.  Percentages may be subject to change if the non-custodial parent’s income changes.


At this point you might be asking yourself if a child support attorney is a necessary expense and the short answer is yes.  The job of an attorney is to help you with your case by assisting you in matters such as:

  • Explaining legal issues and preparing you every step of the way so you know what to expect at every stage.

  • Evaluating your case, providing you with the legal advice you may need on how you should proceed.

  • Calculating and anticipating what the child support payments may be.

  • Representing you at the court, protecting your rights.

  • Negotiating to ensure the case goes in your favor.


Some things you may also want to consider about child support are:

  • Does the other parent have a lawyer?

  • Has paternity been proven?

  • Is there a pending custody case?

  • Do you have a way of enforcing child support after the court order?

  • How much should expect to be paid for child support and how will this affect my taxes?

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