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Criminal Defense Lawyer in AR
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Hard-hitting, experienced, and tenacious

Protecting Your Rights in and Out of the Courthouse

Have criminal charges found their way to your doorstep?  Are you overwhelmed with the harsh process of the criminal justice system? Dealing with these charges can bring immense stress and confusion. In these situations, it is wise to seek out a criminal defense lawyer who is both supportive and skilled in the law, but finding one that will provide legal protection every step of the way can be challenging.  


That is why our team at the Stuart Cearley Law Group is dedicated to helping those who are charged with criminal offenses in Arkansas, fighting aggressively to help our clients avoid conviction.  Providing you with effective legal protection from start to finish.  Our founding Arkansas criminal defense attorney has helped clients attain favorable outcomes in criminal defense cases throughout Arkansas.

What is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Criminal defense lawyers provide legal representation for those who have been accused or charged with committing criminal offenses. They may provide counsel during the criminal investigation, arrest, and throughout the trial.  It is the primary role of a defense attorney to be sure that the rights and interests of the accused are upheld and protected.  Legal advice, preparation of legal documents, case investigation, and representation in court to ensure that client receives a fair trial are all part of criminal defense attorney’s role defending a client’s rights. 

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What We Bring to the Table as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

  • 20 years or two decades of experience as a Chief Deputy Prosecutor, allowing unique insight to every case

  • More than 100 criminal jury trials

  • Experience in a wide range of criminal defense cases, allowing unique perspectives for every case

  • Providing each case with the attention it deserves

  • End to end service, providing legal help every step of the way

  • Free, no-obligation consultation

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Positioned for Success

With our extensive experience practicing law, as well as our experience in prosecution, we have built a track record of success in Northwest Arkansas.  With our unique positioning, we have built a reputation for outstanding performance both in and out of the courtroom, vigorously advocating on your behalf.  We have the skills to help you obtain your desired resolution, regardless of how complicated your situation may seem. 

Stuart Cearley is a highly experienced lawyer in Northwest Arkansas with a proven legal track record. Stuart has experience as a chief prosecutor in multiple counties in Arkansas.  He understands how the prosecuting attorney’s mind works. He can help you understand the criminal charges you are facing and their ramifications. He and his law firm will build a solid defense plan to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the best possible outcome in court. With Stuart Cearley Law Group by your side, you will be well represented. He will fight tirelessly to defend your criminal defense case in Arkansas.


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Schedule a FREE consultation today.  Choose a criminal defense attorney who cares about you.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Arkansas
Stuart Cearley Law Firm specializes in the following criminal offenses. 

Assault and Battery Attorney Bentonville Ar Northwest Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Assault & Battery

Expungement Attorney Bentonville Northwest Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg


Weapons and Gun Offenses Attorney Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Weapons & Gun Offenses

Probation Violation and Parole Violation Attorney N+Northwest Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law

Probation & Parole Violations

Burglaries and Theft Attorney Bentonville Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Burglary & Theft

Computer and Internet Crimes Attorney Lawyer Bentonville Ar Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Computer & Internet Crimes

White Collar Crimes and Fraud Attorney Northwest Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

White Collar Crimes & Fraud

Sexual Assault and Rape Criminal Defense Attorney Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Sexual Assault & Rape

DWI DUI Attorney Bentonville Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

DWI & DUI Defense

Drug Crimes Attorney Northwest Arkansas Bentonville ar Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Drug Crimes

Juvenile Crimes Attorney Bentonville Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Juvenile Crimes

Family Law Attorney Lawyer Bentonville Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Looking for Family Law?

Extradition and Arrest Warrant Attorney Bentonville Ar Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Extradition & Arrest Warrant

Violent Crimes Attorney Bentonville Northwest Arkansas Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Violent Crimes

Murder and Homicide Lawyer Attorney Bentonville Stuart Cearley Law.jpg

Murder & Homicide

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Legal Resources

Don't Wait to Get Help.

Criminal charges can result in fees, jail time, or even imprisonment. Whether you are facing charges of violent crimes, drug crimes, assault, or DWI, Stuart Cearley Law Group will have your back every step of the way, fighting rigorously for your Constitutional rights.  Our unique experience as a former prosecutor, along with our extensive experience in law is what grants our clients a clear advantage.  We know how the prosecution process operates, we know they will be looking for, and we will approach any given situation with the necessary tactics to protect your rights!

No matter how minor the charges may be, any conviction will likely have a lasting impact on your life, so don’t settle; hire an attorney with experience, grit, and compassion.



If you have been charged in a crime you have the right to:

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Have general questions?

Why Stuart Cearley Law?

Stuart Cearley Law will defend your rights. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, we will listen to your side and will explain the law to you and help you understand the potential consequences of a legal conviction. The prosecuting attorney’s role is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. Stuart Cearley Law Group will:

  • Provide consultation to discuss, evaluate, and plan for your criminal defense case

  • Inform you of potential legal consequences and provide legal representation

  • Investigate the case and gather evidence to support your case

  • Interview witnesses and experts to build your defense

  • Negotiate with the prosecution to try to get you a reduced sentence, or a plea bargain. We guide you through criminal discovery, represent you in court, present evidence, provide cross examination of witnesses and make legal arguments at your trial to support your defense.

  • Call expert witnesses on the client’s behalf to challenge the prosecution’s case, if appropriate.

  • Negotiate with prosecuting attorneys to reach a plea bargain, reduce charges or penalties, or try to dismiss the criminal charges.

  • Create legal briefs, motions, and other legal documentation related to the case.

  • File an appeal, if appropriate.

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